Thursday, 26 April 2012

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

When it comes to presents, I love receiving them, although apparently I am notoriously difficult to buy for (well, please refer to the blog for ideas in the future.  If it begins with 'Agent Provocateur' or 'Diptyque' I'm going to be happy xx)

But it's the giving of gifts that I really love.  I love the choosing, I love the look on the face of the recipient, and I LOVE the wrapping.

I've always been a fan of brown paper - there's something about the simplicity and the contrast of wrapping something luxurious in something not at all luxurious.

Simarlily, string can look really effective.  I love binding silver cutlery in string for dinner party place settings, against the wealthy texture of fine, silky napkins.

For book and word lovers, the intellectual type, wrap tokens in dictionary pages.  As long as they don't find the idea of removing pages from a dictionary sacrilegious.

I've always used newspaper to wrap presents.  
Tabloids are too colourful (and tacky).  Pick a wordy, traditional broadsheet.  
The rose-tinted pages of the FT look fabulous against silken or grosgrain jet black ribbon. 

For travel enthusiasts, maps make amazing wrapping paper.  
Old and faded should be adorned with string or neutral ribbon, whereas a bright 
ribbon brings out the colours in a crisp new map.

Finally, for something very sentimental, track down the sheet music
of a loved ones' favourite song and enclose your present in that.

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